About Sebastian

Sebastian de Clarke photo

Sebastian De Clarke, is a Polish music producer, DJ and activist based in Nottingham, United Kingdom. Since the age of seven, he’s been passionate about all types of music. In his teenage years, Sebastian picked up an old guitar and begin learning songs by his favourite metal artists. His curiosity and enthusiasm lead him to discover electronic dance; especially techno and trance. Within a short period of time Sebastian was putting first trance and techno nights in his small home town. The dream of being an artist lead him to relocate to Nottingham, UK where he had the privilege of meeting some of his childhood musical heroes and take the first steps as a musician.


Sadly, life circumstances and ongoing illness forced Sebastian to abandon his musical goals for over fifteen years. However, as he states, ‘I truly believe that what I went through makes my music more meaningful and authentic to others’.  In the future Sebastian is interested in making music addressing the most important issues facing the world.


His debut concept album ‘The Spirit of Truth’ is available now.